Marcos Rodriguez, Founder

Marcos is an entrepreneur, movie producer, businessperson and investor.

Marcos helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and non-profits grow and enjoy applying strategic thought and new ideas. He was born in Cuba, benefited from the American Dream, and have started many innovative businesses. Marcos refers to himself as a Learner, Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor, Advisor, and Repeater.

He is currently working on several startups including, Esela pronounced “ee-sell-uh”. He acquired that domain over 20 years ago because it was my way of honoring his mother, Gisela Rodriguez. Esela makes investments in the Blockchain space.

Jacquetta Dantzler, General Manager

Jacquetta is a leader, innovator, facilitator, and mentor in various industries.  First quarter 2012, Jacquetta founded her second company, The Office Hero.  The Office Hero is a Michigan based administrative service company for small businesses.  The Office Hero assists entrepreneurs by taking care of back office operations efficiently and affordably.  Since its conception, Office Hero has opened four locations.

Jacquetta has been a host and panelist for various entrepreneur and pitch competitions for the past several years.  Providing startups with consulting and grants to achieve their goals.  She is passionate about entrepreneurship and has worked with over 100 start ups and small business owners.